Amplifi simplifies it for today’s guitarists

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Calrec_Amplifi_appIn this video, Chappers and The Captain fron Andertons Music welcome Paul Hindmarch from Line 6 into their guitar-festooned video studio to talk about the very handy-looking new multi-function Amplifi guitar amp, whihch is available in either 75 watt or 150 watt options.

Inside the 150 there’s a 12-inch Celestion speaker as part of its five-speaker stereo setup. The 75 houses an 8-inch “custom speaker.”

This neat, tidy and unobtrusive little box can be used as a music amp and stereo speaker rig which talks to your various devices via Bluetooth, as a cenventional guitar amp, and as a practice amp that allows you to play along (some might say jam) with your favourite songs. There’s even a tone library – available via the free ToneMatch app -to make sure you sound your best.

The Amplifi Remote iOS app not only lets users control the amp from a touch screen, it allows them to access a cloud-based community where they can share and rate tone settings as well as store amp, pedal and effects presets for safekeeping. Automatic tone matching pulls sounds from tracks in your iTunes library to make playing along to your favourite artists a lot more interesting.


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