Calrec’s Advent Day 20 – 20 New Songs

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Christmas is nearly upon us and if you’re stuck for ideas to buy for any musician friends how about a copy of the latest Beck album? What? That’s not very original, ah but it is. Beck’s latest work Song Reader is an album not like any others you have ever bought.

The latest work from the acclaimed LA born singer songwriter contains no audio whatsoever. He hasn’t recorded a single note but instead he’s created an album purely on paper that harks back to the days when sitting round the piano was to only way to hear music.

At the opposite end of the spectrum in this era of social networks it lends itself beautifully to being interpreted, recorded and shared on a global scale. Personally I love the concept and it could only have come from Mr Hansen as he is renown for his off the wall approach. Even if you don’t usually like Beck’s music the idea is really cutting edge and you can make each song your own.

If you want to read an in depth interview with Beck about it here is Forbes Ideasical Podcast appropriately as a PDF.

If you visit then you can also download the sample song “Old Shanghai” and view others’ renditions.

If you get hold of this and record a version of one of the songs, let us know, we’d love to hear it!

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