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Auro 3D: we take a trip to Wilfried’s Galaxy

In this YouTube video by AV Forums, Auro 3D inventor and CEO Wilfried Van Baelen (pictured) takes us on a tour of his Galaxy Studio complex and explains the advantages of the new immersive surround sound format. Wilfried chose music as his path from an early age, and in his teens converted a chicken shed […]

“I Want Dolby Atmos” website launches

Dolby is urging to get behind its Atmos object-based multi-speaker immersive surround sound system with the launch of the I Want Doby Atmos micro site. If you feel the need to go out and listen to a new release in Atmos and want to know where your nearest suitably-equipped cinema pleasure palace is, type in […]

Get up, get on up, to 5.1, with Penteo 4 Pro

The new 64-bit Penteo 4 Pro native Avid Audio eXtension (AAX) stereo to 5.1 plug-in from Perfect Surround is being demonstrated on the Avid booth at NAB in Las Vegas. It offers “exacting control over sound image placement to create high-quality, natural-sounding surround”. Penteo 4 Pro is 100-percent ITU down-mix compatible to the original stereo. […]

2014 Godzilla remake sounds amazing

As well as being tantalising and a wee bit scary, this trailer for Gareth Edwards’ remake of Godzilla, which hits our screens this Summer, also boasts some ace, atmospheric sound design. Roll on 15 May … especially as it’s going to sound awesome in Dolby Atmos.  

Surround sound in the rain coming soon

UK members of the Community would probably have welcomed hearing about The Anywhere Umbrella a few weeks ago when the weather was as inclement as we have ever known in this country. But, in fact, this isn’t an umbrella at all, but an elaborate multi-speaker umbrella-shaped portable sound system. It’s still only a concept, and, […]