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MIT boffins’ work all over bar the shouting

In the latest edition of Wired, we learn that researchers at MIT have succeeded in identifying the cause of a problem that we all suffer from as we get older – the ability to filter out unwanted noise in crowded locations so that we can just tune into what interests us – the person we’re […]

Up Your Output! (slight return)

This weekend sees the second Up Your Output!, the AES British Section’s event specially designated for Student Members, hosted at the SAE Institute in London. Calrec took part in the inaugral event last year, and we will be back this weekend with a Callisto console – last year’s event was so good, there was no way that we weren’t […]

*America is not broken

So, BVE is next week and we are all very excited about it – it’s the go-to broadcast show in the UK, and we are delighted to be leaving Yorkshire once again and driving the Calrec van to exotic London to show the Callisto and the Apollo consoles (stand D04, come see us and say […]

Listening to a Sonic Wonderland

Now then, who amongst you has a book voucher burring a hole in your pocket? Trevor Cox (pictured left) is a Professor of Acoustic Engineering at Salford University, where he teaches and conducts research into architectural acoustics, signal processing and audio perception. His Sound Blog, Dispatches from Acoustics and Acoustic Engineering is well worth bookmarking, […]

Scientists levitate objects using sound

This marvellous video from Japan shows the results of research by Yoichi Ochiai, Takayuki Hoshi and Jun Rekimoto at Nagoya of the Institute of Technology at the University of Tokyo and Sony CSL into three-dimensional mid-air acoustic manipulation using ultrasound. Here we see how it is possible to levitate and maintain the position of tiny […]