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Skip Lievesy Master Class this Saturday

Apologies for the short notice, but if you live in or within easy striking distance of Brookly, NY, you might wish to spend this Saturday afternoon at The Media Center on John Street in the company of Skip Lievesy for a Master Class and a special screening of Gravity. Following a lunch together, Skip, who […]

Can Gridspace make meeting notes history?

A startup by the name of Gridspace wants to change the way we conduct meetings, using speech and voice recognition, pattern recognition, natural language processing and machine learning to make hastily scribbled, transcribed notes a thing of the past. Front and centre is a small recording device called the Memo M1. It uses signals from […]

Radiophonc Workshop starts 2014 UK tour

The venue, the personnel and the mixture of modern and vintage (audio) technology on show was all a bit incongruous in a 2014 setting. In the opening paragraph of his review of the Radiophoc Workshop‘s recent live performance at Chichester University, the Telegraph’s Thomas H. Green describes what he sees before him as, “as if […]

Wave your hands in the air, use your Muse

BT and the Search for New Sound from Leap Motion on Vimeo. Muse is a new Mac desktop app from Leap Motion that can be used to compose and perform ambient music using just hand gestures using a Leap Motion Controller USB device and companion apps from the company’s AirSpace app store. Muse has been […]

You can’t Fool us when it comes to new tech

The inhabitants of Nutclough Mill are far too smart to be taken in by an April Fool’s joke, but not so sniffy that they can’t have a good laugh about one, especially if it’s industry-related. In this case, it’s the latest craze for wearable technology. Meet DiGiT, from Toshiba, a new pair of high-tech gloves […]