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Music at barbecues improves, Audibly

How many times have you been at a summer barbecue, party or other social gathering that’s taking place in a big space or in multiple rooms, but where everybody would like to listen to the same music? How many times have you been able to set up a working system without a lot of hassle […]

Balls to 4K, say the World Cup broadcasters

There’s an odd combination of intense hype about developments in UHD / 4K technology and matter-of-factness about the early arrival of UHD / 4K programming. There is a certain ennui about resolution, and it’s really not that surprising – HD and 2K are probably enough for our brains to cope with, really. They look great. […]

CSU graduates throw SND at us on Kickstarter

The Sand Noise Device (SND) is a new Kickstarter project with a $16,000 target started four graduate students from California State University, East Bay; James Saxon, Jay Van Dyke, Matt Roads, and Devin Dominguez (seen below), AKA The Green Cat Collective. The describe SND as “both a complex generative music system as well as a […]

Apple completes $3 billion Beats acquisition

from left to right: Jimmy Iovine, Tim Cook, Dre, Apple’s head of iTunes, Eddy Cue Apple and Beats have finally concluded the deal that sees the headphones and streaming company become the technology giant’s single largest-ever acquisition. The deal, which is worth an initial $2.6 billion (£1.6 billion) with $400 million (£239 million) to follow […]

‘Godzilla’ sound designers tread carefully

Taking a classic and putting a new spin on it must, in many ways, be much harder to pull off than doing something new. Especially when it’s a film that lovers of a genre cherish, and when that film contains something that has passed into movie lore, such as the sound of Godzilla. Here, the […]