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The sound of São Paulo as Brazil play Croatia

On the opening day of the World Cup, Claus Wahlers, a web developer living in the Moema district of São Paulo recorded a video of what his neighbourhood sounded like each time Brazil scored in their 3 – 1 win over those plucky Croatians, which he then posted on Vimeo. Claus insists that here were […]

Alex Allmont uses Lego to Play House

A great video I spotted on to start the week. Full-time programmer Alex Allmont is doing a Ph.D. in polyrhythmic music in his spare time. He also loves his Lego. Put all three together and you get an amazingly complex music making machine he calls Play House that was built for AudioGraft, an experimental […]

Calrec Celebrates Biggest Ever Sale

We don’t often bang on about ourselves on this site, but today we will make an exception. Recently Calrec made its biggest ever single sale, a consignment of 14 consoles to South Korean broadcaster MBC. MBC purchased a variety of consoles, from a 64 fader Apollo to a 24 fader Artemis Light, to be used […]

Bridge-Links sound art brightens London canal

The local newspaper for the boroughs of Hamstead & Highgate in London – Ham&High … geddit? – reports on a new sound art installation along the Regent’s canal Press the button to call the new lift at Cecil Sharp House this week and you might be intrigued by a medley of sounds that evoke the […]

Making our world sound better, by design

The sound of the modern world is a recurring theme in mainstream media and The Guardian has again picked up on the subject. The incidental sounds of modern life are quite different from those most of us grew up with; things that were previously mechanical are now probably electronic. The things that irritate and agitate […]