Customix cloud-based mixing app launched

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Extreme Music has launched a new cloud-based online tool that allows registered users to mix and manipulate tracks from the company’s extensive music library on the fly so that they can be made to suit a particular project.

Users can adjust the volume to individual elements of a track (vocals, drums, guitar, bass, etc.), change a song’s tempo without changing its pitch and edit the length of a song without cutting it into pieces.

Customix can be used to edit many of the 13,000 songs in Extreme Music’s library, which contains tracks by Hans Zimmer, Quincy Jones, George Martin and Snoop Lion, amongst others.

Extreme Music is the first library to have such a tool, but CEO Russell Emmanuel (pictured) believes this will become the standard way to work. The Customix developer, UJAM, has already received enquiries from other potential customers since news of the new tool leaked out a few days ago.


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