Einstein a-go-go!

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With access to content online just a few clicks or screen taps away, I think we’ve all become a little bit blasé about being able to lay our hands on pictures and even video clips of (in)famous people, and written content on any subject you care to mention. But, even now, I always get a small thrill out of hearing rare audio recordings for the first time; of significant events, or made by notable people from history.

Thank you Boing Boing for bringing these eerily inspiring recordings of Albert Einstein to our attention on the website On Being. The archive extracts of rare audio clips include Albert – it’s OK to call him Albert, isn’t it? We don’t go much for formality here – talking about his theory of relativity, what it means to be American, Gandhi, and “The common language of science”.

There’s also an extract from a recording of a speech he gave at a mass rally for the Refugee Assistance Fund chaired by physicist Ernest Rutherford at the Royal Albert Hall in London in 1933. On the Artist direct site, where I also found the same recordings, there is yet another, on life in a post-World War II world.


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