Fender Squier USB guitar for iOS play

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Is the launch by Fender of a $200 USB-capable Squier Stratocaster something of a watershed moment, as some are claiming, or are there if not easier, then more cost-effective ways to hook an electric guitar up to an iOS device and Garageband?


The new Squier USB Strat can plug into any quarter-inch jack, a full USB port, and directly into any older iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using the supplied 30-pin cable (you’ll need an adapter to use an iPhone 5 or iPad mini), but can’t the same be done with a conventional guitar using a MIDI interface like the iRig? How many guitars have an in-built headphone jack, though, for that quiet practice moment?

Aren’t its detractors missing the point? Surely this is a guitar to use for songwriting, recording and practising while on the go, not as an alternative to something more suited to playing live or to studio work?

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  1. Mike says:

    The detractors are definitely missing the point – and it’s interesting that it’s the “squire” range that have been given this feature rather than the “pro” Fender range. So it’s a sort of acknowledgement that this is for practising / songwriting rather than full-blown live of studio work.

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