Intimate audio system for barfly sports fans

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It’s something barfly sports fans have been waiting for – a technology that allows them to tune out the chat and the piped chart hits and concentrate on what the commentator’s saying on the big, muted screen in the corner. Could Audioair be the answer?

Download the (iOS or Android) app, scroll through the available channels, find the nearest Audioair-equipped sports bar, grab a drink, using the loyalty points available as part of the service, and settle down to watch the game in the privacy of your own headset. Users can even chat with other people who are watching the same game while using the service. The key to the service’s success could lie in the attraction advertising opportunities for the venues and their suppliers who have to fund Audioair with no obvious benefits beyond attracting more customers.

Airborne – the startup behind Audioair – has already raised $3 million in seed funding and has rolled out the system in nearly 50 locations in the US, with plans to have a presence in around 800 by the end of the year. We’ll hopefully be able to tell you about roll-outs in the UK and elsewhere in the near future.


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