Loudness control, Danish-style

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TC Electronics is one of the technology companies committed to solving the problems TV viewers experience with loudness. HD Development Manager, Thomas Lund (pictured, left) and many others around the industry are striving to create tools that are more appropriate to modern consumption, on everything from micro speakers on mobile devices to higher resolution home cinema systems.

New TC Electronics products adhere to the ITU-R BS.1770 specification, controlling loudness and avoiding overload during production and distribution. TC Electronics’ processors and meters are fully compliant with BS.1770, and developed to comply with the subsequent improvements – BS.1770-2, EBU R128, TR-B32. The company also embraces and supports the development of open standards and, in Thomas’s words:

“will continue optimizing delivery of data reduced formats such as AC3, MP3, AAC, DD+, Ogg Vorbis etc., and we will refine trickle-down techniques for dealing easily with multiple platforms without locking broadcasters into proprietary solutions”.


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