Loudness group P/LOUD close to EBU goal

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The Loudness Puzzle is yet to be solved, but the move from Peak Performance Metering to Loudness Metering is close. P/LOUD, the EBU Loudness Group, is working its way towards its main goal of establishing a Loudness Target Level, and marshalling meter manufacturers to create a detailed, industry-wide equipment specification, ‘EBU Mode’, to rid our living rooms of uneven levels. In the March 2010 edition of its newsletter, tech-i, Florian Camerer of ORF (P/LOUD’s Chairman), and the EBU’s own Frans de Jong report on the work to date.

What’s your view on the struggle to resolve the loudness issue on TV? Is it progressing well? Is there anything you would do differently, or would like to see (and hear) added to the specification? We can’t promise that by adding your views here that they’ll be picked up by the EBU, but we’d like to know what you think all the same …

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  1. The main thing I’d urge the EBU and all broadcasters in their area of influence (not just EBU members) is to actually get on, reach some conclusion and publish something. This process has been dragging on with repeated hints that they’d almost made up their mind and if they now don’t move very quickly, whatever they do publish will be somewhat irrelevant, having been overtaken by real world decisions.

    In the USA, the ATSC has published reccomendations in it’s R-85 document and in the UK the Broadcast Committee on Advertising Standards (BCAP) published guidelines last year which, for commercials at least, have the effect of being pretty much mandatory, with them implemented by C4, its sister channels and channels such as Dave, Bravo, Living and Virgin 1 (that broadcast from RedBee). C4 has stated that it intends to adopt the same loudness criteria across all non-programme material – and with most other broadcasters indicating a similar mindset, the EBU’s deliberations seem unlikely to mean more than subtle changes here in the UK. At least all the commercials have a similar loudness, but deciding how to balance that against the programme content is more contentious!

    Mel. Harrison
    16 Aug 2010

  2. The EBU yesterday published its Loudness Recommendation (EBU R 128) and supporting Metering specification and Loudness Range descriptor.

    See: http://tech.ebu.ch/loudness for the download links.

    Frans de Jong
    27 August 2010

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