New stereo to 5.1 upmixer plugin

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Software developer ADL (Audiotech Digital Limited) has this week the pre-release of a new product, Penteo 3 Pro, which they claim can take any stereo source and convert the signal into a “perfect” 5.1 mix, with:

  • Zero sonic artifacts
  • The most crisp, discrete center-channel available
  • 100% ITU down-mix compatibility to the original stereo

According to ADL, other plugins lack precision controls, have poor low frequency effects, and use steering, delays, echo, phase shifting, and matrixing to artificially manipulate stereo content. They say the results often sound cold and ‘digital’, ‘smeared’, and marred by a ‘pumping’ effect. It can be hard to isolate the ‘wobbly’ central channel for dialogue, and they also generate mono to the surround speakers.

The lack of artificial sound manipulation in Penteo 3 Pro means, the makers claim, it is “warmest and best sounding stereo-to-surround up-mixer” on the market. They further support their claims that theirs is the best upmixer plugin with these use cases. For more details, take a lok around the site, not forgetting to stop off at the Tech Specs page.

You might think a bunch of surround purists from West Yorkshire are being a bit sniffy about the arrival of a mere plugin with such lofty claims, and you might be right, but we’re going to reserve judgement until we’ve tried it out ourselves. We also want to hear what other members of the Calrec Community think of it. We await your reports with bated breath.


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