Nutclough Mill and Hebden Bridge – Part 1

Calrec, Featured — By on October 24, 2011 09:45

One of the nice things we are always told by our customers when they visit us for factory acceptance, is how much they like the astounding beauty of the local area, and the history in the walls of our Nutclough Mill factory.

Famously the first workers co-operative textile mill in England, Nutclough Mill was central to the development of local enterprise, international business and the establishment of a business stronghold in the Calder Valley. Foreign business delegations to nearby Manchester often made the pilgrimage to Hebden to study this innovative business centre.

Here is the first in our series of photo essays narrated by local historian and academic David Fletcher of Pennine Heritage looking at the history of Calrec’s Hebden Bridge HQ, Nutclough Mill (pictured).

Part One explains the origins of the mill, when Hebden Bridge was the epicentre of the fustian cloth production industry. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks, including David’s explanation of how it was the backdrop to the entire Industrial Revolution!

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