Pulp fiction? Sounds great to us

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Last week we posted about a new speaker technology which uses ionic conductors. Very smart.

This week we direct you to Sweden, and in particular Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology. They have developed what they call a magnetic cellulose membrane, a substance which is derived from wood pulp. This can be used for a number of things, including speakers, and where these speakers are especially innovative is that they do not use any physical magnets – rather, the magnetic particles are part of the speaker membrane itself so the only thing that creates sound is the movement of air.

The researchers claim these speakers sound as good or better than traditional speakers. Whatsmore, they use entirely natural and environmentally sustainable materials.

The speakers are essentially a proof of concept, a way to “…see how the cellulose can be used in new applications,” says Richard Olsson, a KTH researcher in chemical sciences at the Institute.  He says that the sound quality is possibly better than that of conventional speakers because of the even distribution of forces created in the membrane.

The researchers also say that this technology could also be used in any application that is driven by magnetic fields, such as active damping for cars and trains, or active noise cancellation.

For the more technically minded, their paper can be downloaded here. It’s pretty heavy!


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