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Man Of Steel in your ears in DTS Headphone:X

The deluxe soundtrack for Man of Steel, by the legendary Hans Zimmer, was released late last week, and it’s the first album to feature DTS Headphone:X, a new audio technology which creates a surround sound experience through regular headphones. The Man of Steel soundtrack simulates the 11.1 surround sound of Hans’s personal studio; DTS engineers […]

Dolby, Barco immersed in cinema audio

It has been just over a year since the launch of its object-based Atmos system, and Dolby is delighted with the take-up; 23 professional mix stages around the world, including Pinewood Studios, Skywalker Sound, Post Republic in Germany, Disney, Fox, Warner Bros. and Park Road Post in New Zealand, 100 cinema installations, and around 40 […]

Limited Aura-3D 11.1 release for ‘Red Tails’

To recreate the dizzying experience of aeriel combat, the new World War II action drama ‘Red Tails’, about a crew of African American pilots in the Tuskegee training program, is being released in selected cinemas in Barco’s Aura-3D 11.1 surround sound format. Initially, the film’s producer, Rick McCallum, was encouraged to do an 11.1 mix […]

Diego Stocco takes 11.1 to the cleaners

Composer and sound designer Diego Stocco loves to experiment, using a mixture of custom-built instruments, organic sources such as sand, and everyday objects and materials. His screen credits include film trailers for ‘Terminator : Salvation’, ’2012′ and ‘Eagle Eye’, and TV shows ‘Dexter’ and ‘Cold Case’. For one of his latest projects, Diego turned a […]

Aura-3D system European debut

Barco and Nevafilm have installed Europe’s first Aura-3D system, at Jam Hall cinema in St Petersburg. The system, which can have between 10 and 14 channels – 9.1, 11.1 and 13.1 configurations – features an additional layer of speakers, elevated 30-degrees above the main channels to add height information. A codec has also been developed […]