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Volley good show! Calrec at Wimbledon

What a racket! Wimbledon , the oldest tennis tournament in the world, has always been a massive OB undertaking, with thousands of hours of tennis-fuelled grunting broadcast to countries all over the world. This year has coverage in 3D, HD, and on more courts than ever before. British outside broadcast (OB) specialists NEP Visions are old […]

CES 2013 audio bites

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, geeks and tech watchers have been catching up on the latest useful, and not so useful gadgets to arrive on the market – ‘smart’ cutlery that monitors how fast we eat? Really? Rather closer to our hearts, here are some of the audio highlights we […]

Snow hope for some

I went skiing once. I was about 13 and it was on a dry ski slope at a Pontins holiday camp in the UK. I fell over and scraped the skin off my arm because I was wearing a t-shirt as it was the middle of summer. When I got back home I regaled my […]

3D TV in focus

It seems that every other film released these days is in 3D, which is a positive sign of the technology really taking off. Unfortunately this is not true to the same extent in the televisual arena. I have talked about certain discouraging aspects of 3DTV before, such as cost hindering content production and restrictive glasses making consumers shy away […]

Why bad 3D literally makes you sick

The ever-reliable Sports Video Group posted an extremely interesting article on 3D production last week, which included the following wonderful quote: If you do something bad in 2D, it’s going to look bad on the screen. If you screw up in 3D, your viewers are actually going to feel bad, and that’s a very significant […]