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FascinatE us with your knowledge

For the last three years, 11 partners from all over Europe have been working on a €9.5 million project to launch what they call “the ultra high resolution interactive television service of the future. A full system comprising appropriate capturing and analysis technology, networking components and various terminal devices”. The project is FascinatE (which stands […]

Technicolor pushes single 3D audio format

Technicolor is working on developing a single unifying audio format for three-dimensional sound in cinemas and for home theatres. The format – intended to provide one file for the delivery of true 3D audio replayed over stereo (two speakers), surround (3-7 speakers and beyond) and wavefield synthesis systems (hundreds of speakers) – was originally shown […]

The Ambisonic Toolkit is available online

The Ambisonic Toolkit (ATK) helps artists and sound designers to ‘think Ambisonic’ and creatively control a complete soundfield, “facilitating spatial composition beyond simple placement of sounds in a sound-scene. The artist is empowered to address the impression and imaging of a soundfield taking advantage of the native soundfield-kernel paradigm the Ambisonic technique presents”. Joseph Anderson […]

BBC ’3D radio’ research continues apace

The BBC’s research work into ambisonics has hit the mainstream. Following test recordings of Last Night of the Proms, a concert by the rock band Elbow (pictured, above), and a radio play of the Wizard of Oz (pictured, right), The Telegraph reports that BBC R&D is using its research into ambisonics to develop a ’3D […]

2012 AES Student Technical Paper Award

Marton Marschall, a Hungarian student with a diploma in electrical engineering from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, has won this year’s AES Student Technical Paper Award for his paper “Robustness Of A Mixed-Order Ambisonics Microphone Array For Sound Field Reproduction”. The paper is co-authored with Sylvain Favrot and JÜrg Buchholz. The Award was […]