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Photographing The House Of Sound

The objects of an audiophile’s affections Chris Bennett started out as a landscape photographer. Most recently, he has been exploring the world of analogue music enthusiasts in Portland and Seattle, completing a Master’s thesis project, ‘House of Sound’, for the Hartford Limited Residency MFA in Photography. “It was a challenge to photograph something so near […]

Delia Derbyshire Day 2013: 12 January

Most of you will know of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and its work (they’re probably best-known for producing the theme to Doctor Who). Many of will have even been directly influenced by its work during your careers. Some of you will have come into contact the doyenne of the Workshop, Delia Derbyshire (also see her […]

Einstein a-go-go!

With access to content online just a few clicks or screen taps away, I think we’ve all become a little bit blasé about being able to lay our hands on pictures and even video clips of (in)famous people, and written content on any subject you care to mention. But, even now, I always get a […]

An orgy of ’70s Italian horror and vintage audio

I tuned into last Friday afternoon’s film review show on BBC 5 Live just as co-hosts Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode were listing the latter’s favourite 12 films of the year. Having “wrestled, and wrestled, and wrestled” to separate his top two, Dr. Kermode (he’s a Visiting Fellow at the University of Southampton) finally gave […]

Calrec’s Advent Day 6 – Vintage

Honestly, aside from adding a 5 and a 1 and making six (which we thought was somewhat lazy), we struggled to find a good solid SIX for our Advent, so here are seven vintage analogue Calrec consoles gathered together on one man’s blog. One is digitally-controlled, so let’s settle at six, okay? For the record, […]