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Backstage with the X-Factor sound dept.

Paul Mac enjoyed the full X-Factor behind-the-scenes experience when he recently visited Fountain Studios in Wembley for Audio Pro Net. His host, BAFTA Award-winning Sound Director Robert Edwards (pictured) above, showed and explained to Paul how the apparently organised chaos we see on screen is actually very carefully orchestrated chaos involving multiple technology and service […]

“All operators need to have a day like this”

Not our words, the words of Stuart Cruice. Stuart is a Sound Guarantee Engineer at NEP Visions, and was one of the first people to attend Calrec’s programme of free one-day Apollo training sessions at the Hilton Kensington in London this week. Hosted by UK Sales Manager Jim Green, the training consists of a complete overview of […]

Free Apollo training!

Being a Yorkshireman I’ve grown accustomed to automatically gaining the reputation for being fiscally frugal. This preconception however may have some truth in it because whenever I’m offered the chance to get something for free I do believe that it is the right price. Now it’s your chance to get something free from us. Following […]

Apollo 11 audio recording archive online

I’ve just stumbled upon a page on the NASA site that was added more than two years ago, so apologies for appearing to be a bit behind the curve, but I make no apologies for raising awareness of it now. In 2009 the US space administration published a selection of audio recordings from Apollo 11 […]

Audio Mixing for 2D and 3D

BSkyB are arguably the most experienced broadcaster in the world when it comes to live mixing in 5.1. They launched their HD Sky Sports channel in 2006, setting a template for HD and 5.1 production for years to come. They were equally forward-thinking when it came to 3D, and were one of the first broadcasters […]