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Apple, THX defer patent dispute court date

As the UK closed for business today, Apple and THX were still “attempting to resolve this matter” of their patent dispute around the sound direction from iPhone 4s, iPads and iMacs. THX maintains that Apple has been using their technology without a license, and that they been causing THX “monetary damage and irreparable harm”. Both […]

THX and Apple in speaker patent dispute

Best-known for its cinema sound technology, audio innovator THX has filed a lawsuit against Apple for allegedly infringing a single speaker patent for a “narrow profile speaker” used in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, plus undisclosed iPad and iMac models. THX is complaining that Apple knowingly infringed its U.S. Patent No. 7,433,483 for: “A […]

Tascam iM2

Now, my phone is unsophisticated by today’s standards. I like to think of it more as retro, a classic if you will. When I see the features and peripherals available on smart phones though I do start to wonder if my dedication to the old school is somewhat misguided. I recently stumbled upon this little […]

The end is nigh… again

There has been much talk this year about the future of broadcasting. One thing is certain is that it’s definitely moving away from the standard model that has been used since TV stations starting broadcasting. There’s YouTube launching premium content on their site, there’s the advent of on-demand TV and the ability to “record” TV at the […]

Siri’s UK voice pipes up in The Telegraph

Siri, which Apple calls ‘Daniel’ for the UK, is not ‘Daniel’ at all, it’s Jon. Confused? Not as confused as former technology journalist turned voiceover artist Jon Briggs was when he first saw the TV commercial for Apple’s new iPhone 4S, featuring the voice-activated personal assistant. As he recently told The Telegraph’s Consumer Technology writer […]