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An Audio Research Partnership update

At the end of April BBC R&D used its blog to bring us an update on the activities of the Audio Research Partnership. The update began with the announcement of a planned two-day audio technology conference focussing on broadcast production at BBC Broadcasting House in London on 19th and 20th May 2015. That’s all the […]

Radiophonic Workshop starts 2014 UK tour

The venue, the personnel and the mixture of modern and vintage (audio) technology on show was all a bit incongruous in a 2014 setting. In the opening paragraph of his review of the Radiophonic Workshop‘s recent live performance at Chichester University, the Telegraph’s Thomas H. Green describes what he sees before him as, “as if […]

Delia who?: Derbyshire and the Doctor

It’s no great secret that the Doctor Who theme tune, which, on-screen, is credited to composer Ron Grainger and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, owes a lot to the pioneering work of Delia Derbyshire. Here, Bob Dormon, with this excellent article on The Register, provides a glimpse into that experimental Sixties world she occupied, where audio […]

Help BBC R&D tag the World Service archive

The Internet and Future Services team within BBC R&D wants our help. A prototype BBC World Service Archive has been created that allows users to search, browse and listen to over 36,000 radio programmes from the past 45 years of broadcasting. Although the digitisation of the content has been a great success, the attached metadata […]

The Listening Project: get recording, people

The Listening Project is a new initiative to create a space for ordinary members of the public to share their thoughts, opinions, memories and stories, using audio, via the BBC and have them preserved in one of the greatest libraries in the world. We’re all encouraged to record and share the intimate conversations we’re having […]