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Lie back, relax and enter the Mind Theatre

The Mind Theatre is described as “an immersive 3D audio story telling experience … a series of binaural audio recordings that are tailor-made to be listened to in the quiet of your home in complete darkness”. The plays in the Mind Theatre “are intended to be a meditative experience that transport you to a different […]

Man Of Steel in your ears in DTS Headphone:X

The deluxe soundtrack for Man of Steel, by the legendary Hans Zimmer, was released late last week, and it’s the first album to feature DTS Headphone:X, a new audio technology which creates a surround sound experience through regular headphones. The Man of Steel soundtrack simulates the 11.1 surround sound of Hans’s personal studio; DTS engineers […]

Binaural beats and altered states

Deconstructionist is a new EP by Dan Barrett (who, confusingly, performs as Giles Corey, and is pictured above) that contains three tracks, each of which is around 30 minutes long, and all of which is “aimed specifically at inducing a trance state, transporting you to an altered state of consciousness”, writes Phil Cameron in Wired. […]

Calrec’s Advent Day 21 – Binaural

  Today, Friday 21st December, BBC Radio 4 Extra is broadcasting the groundbreaking 1978 radio drama “The Revenge”, written by and performed by Andrew Sachs. It was truly groundbreaking for several reasons: it has no music, it contains no narrative, but more notably it was recorded entirely in binaural audio. We have covered binaural audio […]

The Evolution of Binaural Tech

As regular readers will be aware, we are VERY  serious about audio, and in particular we are very keen on the development of binaural audio. We’ve covered it a lot over the last few years, be it the binaural Diaries of Ollie Hall or Kevin Hilton’s overview of Binaural Room Synthesis. We also covered a very highbrow […]