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What is Sound Design?

When Luigi Russolo, the Italian Futurist painter and composer, performed in front of a live audience in 1914, the performance inspired widespread audience unrest, riots, violence and a massive amount of general harumphing. The legend reads that Luigi wasn’t at all surprised by this reaction, the minx. Exactly 100 years ago he invented a series of mechanical […]

Audio considerations in a 4K world

Amid the inevitable dominance of 4K, UltraHD (UHD) and 3-D picture talk at today’s Beyond HD Masters conference at BAFTA, issues surrounding the production, post, distribution and, even more so, delivery of audio for 4K productions have been poking through. The different types of capture systems, techniques and microphone arrays for channel-, scene- and object-based […]

The Loudness Summit 2012

  One hundred and fifty audio and broadcast professionals attended the first ever Loudness Summit in London last year. This year’s event takes place on 7th December at the Royal Institute of British Architects in Portland Place, London and once again they have gathered together a number of heavy hitters from European broadcasting. Kicking the […]

Why we like Broadcast Asia

Broadcast manufacturers spend an inordinate amount of money exhibiting at trade shows. In fact, according to research by industry groups like the IABM, this industry spends more of their marketing budgets shipping kit to big empty halls than almost any other industry. Calrec add to this statistic in no small way. We exhibit at a […]

AES convention in Budapest smallest ever?

With only 10 exhibitors and 805 attendees, the 132nd AES Convention in Budapest last month has been described by AES Executive Director Bob Moses as “the most intimate, yet intensive” event in the organisation’s history. “Budapest exceeded our expectations as a distinctive site for our 2012 European convention. We attracted a number of eastern European […]