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Audio considerations in a 4K world

Amid the inevitable dominance of 4K, UltraHD (UHD) and 3-D picture talk at today’s Beyond HD Masters conference at BAFTA, issues surrounding the production, post, distribution and, even more so, delivery of audio for 4K productions have been poking through. The different types of capture systems, techniques and microphone arrays for channel-, scene- and object-based […]

Skywalker Sound enhances Shuttle audio

When a space shuttle was launched, each of the two solid rocket boosters (SRBs) used to burn 1,000,000 pounds of propellant in the first two minutes. We have seen several clips showing what it looked like, but what did it sound like? Well, now we can find out … This 8 minute HD movie is […]

Audio Mixing for 2D and 3D

BSkyB are arguably the most experienced broadcaster in the world when it comes to live mixing in 5.1. They launched their HD Sky Sports channel in 2006, setting a template for HD and 5.1 production for years to come. They were equally forward-thinking when it came to 3D, and were one of the first broadcasters […]

Calrecs are in 22% of world’s HD OB trucks

A survey by Live Production shows that, of the 207 HD OB trucks in the world, 22% are equipped with Calrec Audio production consoles.

Sky guide to HD TV sound is a bit of a winner

I’m sure this handy guide to surround sound on the HD pages of the Sky website is helping a lot of consumers to select the right system to buy to accompany a new HD TV set. The page explains the basics very well, and in a language that even technophobes should be able to follow. […]