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Dolby’s designs on our ears

Patrick von Sychowski (left), a self-confessed Celluloid Junkie,  was over in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress last week, the lucky chap. Amongst other things, he was looking into Dolby’s ambitions for Atmos beyond the cinema auditorium. With the ongoing development of Dolby’s imaging division and last week’s announcement of the acquisition of digital cinema […]

Get Down Friday: mobile audio vavavoom

If you like to enjoy 192-kHz/24-bit MP3s on your smartphone or tablet you may have already invested in a particularly high-quality pair of headphones. If you’re really serious about sound quality, and you think it makes a big difference, you might also want to make your sonic experience complete by investing in a high-performance portable […]

New Headphone:X components from DTS

When paired with your with your mobile device and a pair of standard stereo headphones the DTS Headphone:X system reproduces 5.1, 7.1, and 11.1 channel virtual surround sound from specially encoded content to create, I am assured, a genuinely immersive listening experience. At the CES in Las Vegas, which opens today, DTS unveiled two more […]

Treat your ears to some wood

I am very taken with these new $300 Thinksound On1 studio-quality headphones, with their natural wood construction and Kevlar-reinforced, tangle-free fabric cables – one standard, the other featuring a microphone and single button smartphone controller. The memory foam ear pads and flexible headband look especially comfortable. Here are some specifications to further whet your appetite: […]

Get Down Friday: Open or Closed?

This week’s is a simple one … When it comes to over-ear headphones, Forbes magazine asks, which do you prefer … Open-Back or Closed-Back?