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What is Sound Design?

When Luigi Russolo, the Italian Futurist painter and composer, performed in front of a live audience in 1914, the performance inspired widespread audience unrest, riots, violence and a massive amount of general harumphing. The legend reads that Luigi wasn’t at all surprised by this reaction, the minx. Exactly 100 years ago he invented a series of mechanical […]

Cassette’s Comeback?

I remember one Christmas aeons ago when I was but a youth feverishly unwrapping a small rectangular present from Santa hoping it would be what I thought it would be. And it was. A copy of Michael Jackson’s BAD on cassette tape. Eager to listen to it I headed straight for my parents’ tape player […]

Capturing the sounds of 1865 for ‘Lincoln’

Here, Sound Designer Ben Burtt tells how creating the soundscape for Steven Spielberg’s multi-Oscar-nominated ‘Lincoln’ was quite a challenge. The film is set in 1865, during the 16th. US President’s final months in office, as he copes with the ongoing Civil War and fights his own battles within his cabinet over the abolition of slavery, […]

Delia Derbyshire Day 2013: 12 January

Most of you will know of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and its work (they’re probably best-known for producing the theme to Doctor Who). Many of will have even been directly influenced by its work during your careers. Some of you will have come into contact the doyenne of the Workshop, Delia Derbyshire (also see her […]

Calrec’s Advent Day 17 – NASA and Captions

Only a week to go now, and on this fine December day we present two items today – one for all you audio folk, and one for all you broadcast folk. And if you work in broadcast audio, why not have a look at both? One of our more popular posts last year was this […]