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Music at barbecues improves, Audibly

How many times have you been at a summer barbecue, party or other social gathering that’s taking place in a big space or in multiple rooms, but where everybody would like to listen to the same music? How many times have you been able to set up a working system without a lot of hassle […]

Solar-powered headphones anybody?

Alexander Graham Bell (telephone), John Logie Baird (television), James Clark-Maxwell (radio). These revered Scottish inventors transformed mass communication. Now 25-year old Glaswegian Andrew Anderson, with his OnBeat solar-powered headphones, which also recharge your phone, has come up with a very neat, if not world-changing, idea that could dramatically change our listening experience and allow us […]

Fender Squier USB guitar for iOS play

Is the launch by Fender of a $200 USB-capable Squier Stratocaster something of a watershed moment, as some are claiming, or are there if not easier, then more cost-effective ways to hook an electric guitar up to an iOS device and Garageband? The new Squier USB Strat can plug into any quarter-inch jack, a full […]

Seedio on multiple iOS devices for surround

There are several multi-room listening systems on the market, such as the popular Sonos, but how many can be carried around in your pocket, and configured into a surround sound system? Seedio can. This recently-launched iOS app connects multiple devices over wi-fi, including a personal hotspot, to create one perfectly synchronized loudspeaker. Perfect for a […]

Spreaker: broadcast audio from smartphones

Owners of both iOS and Android devices can now record and broadcast, or share, high quality audio (128 kb/s stereo) using their Facebook and Twitter accounts, thanks to San Francisco-based app developer Spreaker, which was founded in 2009 by Francesco Baschieri, Marco Pracucci, and Daniele Cremonini. Using Spreaker, friends, fans and followers can either listen […]