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Solar-powered headphones anybody?

Alexander Graham Bell (telephone), John Logie Baird (television), James Clark-Maxwell (radio). These revered Scottish inventors transformed mass communication. Now 25-year old Glaswegian Andrew Anderson, with his OnBeat solar-powered headphones, which also recharge your phone, has come up with a very neat, if not world-changing, idea that could dramatically change our listening experience and allow us […]

Fender Squier USB guitar for iOS play

Is the launch by Fender of a $200 USB-capable Squier Stratocaster something of a watershed moment, as some are claiming, or are there if not easier, then more cost-effective ways to hook an electric guitar up to an iOS device and Garageband? The new Squier USB Strat can plug into any quarter-inch jack, a full […]

Seedio on multiple iOS devices for surround

There are several multi-room listening systems on the market, such as the popular Sonos, but how many can be carried around in your pocket, and configured into a surround sound system? Seedio can. This recently-launched iOS app connects multiple devices over wi-fi, including a personal hotspot, to create one perfectly synchronized loudspeaker. Perfect for a […]

Spreaker: broadcast audio from smartphones

Owners of both iOS and Android devices can now record and broadcast, or share, high quality audio (128 kb/s stereo) using their Facebook and Twitter accounts, thanks to San Francisco-based app developer Spreaker, which was founded in 2009 by Francesco Baschieri, Marco Pracucci, and Daniele Cremonini. Using Spreaker, friends, fans and followers can either listen […]

AWARENESS! headphone app for iOS 4

AWARENESS! For Etymotic is a new version of the programmable noise isolation iPhone app by developer Essency. The new app is optimised for hf3 and mc3 headsets.. After you’ve downloaded and installed Awareness!, register the app to unlock all of its features. Enter the code you receive by email, and enjoy your music more safely. […]