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Sound Matters all over the UK

In 2013, all the major UK broadcasters, through the Digital Production Partnership (DPP), introduced a common technical standard for the delivery of programmes which includes loudness regulation.  This DPP specification also demands that “dialogue should be acquired and mixed so that it is clear and easy to understand”. This is of importance to the significant […]

The best windows in a heat wave

We’ve had a rare and lovely heat wave in Yorkshire over the last few weeks. (The Calrec annual barbeque, for the record, fell right in the middle of it. From above, the barbeque itself looked like a piano made out of sausages. It was wonderful.) However, we wouldn’t be British if we didn’t moan about […]

Getting mobile broadcast loudness right

Fast & Wide’s Tim Goodyer reports on TC Electronics new findings on transfer levels to mobile devices, the latest battle in the great loudness wars of the early 21st. century. TC Electronics’ CTO for Broadcast & Production, Thomas Lund assembled a number of the current favourite smartphones and tablet devices on his test bench (he […]

Loudness control, Danish-style

TC Electronics is one of the technology companies committed to solving the problems TV viewers experience with loudness. HD Development Manager, Thomas Lund (pictured, left) and many others around the industry are striving to create tools that are more appropriate to modern consumption, on everything from micro speakers on mobile devices to higher resolution home […]

Loudness levels are all over the shop

Following the introduction of the CALM act last December, in a typically thoughtful article from Broadcast Engineering, Michael Grotticelli tells of how some elements of our industry have taken steps to ensure compliance. And some just haven’t. The two camps are broadcasters, and advertising folk. One of them isn’t playing ball. Broadcasters now have lots […]