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The sound of the UK on a 64GB thumb drive

Andrew Kirk (Andrew Kirk Audio) and Richard Simpson (RSAudio) have spent a large part of 2013 gathering 5.0 surround sound recordings of the UK, with the first 100 now available on a 64GB USB thumb drive as ‘UK Ambiences Pack One’. He has recently written about the project on the blog A Sound Effect. The […]

New large-diaphragm Neumann mic at AES

A new large-diaphragm mic from Neumann has been launched at the New York AES. Wolfgang Fraissinet describes the TLM 107 as “a modern, high-resolution sound transducer with excellent reproduction characteristics that enable it to capture the original sound without any coloration, thus ensuring unlimited design freedom in mixing and post-production”. The double diaphragm capsule on […]

Mic’ing your mind up for acoustic recordings

In a recent post on the site, contributor Simon Allen took a look at the art of creative microphone placement. His article was neither an intro nor a lecture, more of a tips & tricks insight into how a professional working in the area of live music recording does his thing. Simon leads with […]

Lennon studio kit for sale on Craigslist

For £1,500, would you like to become the proud owner of one of a pair of Neumann microphones used by John Lennon to record ‘Imagine’? The items originate from Ascot Sound Studios, based at John and Yoko’s former home, Tittenhurst Park. Although the validity of the piece of equipment has not been officially confirmed, the […]

“Sound Changes the way we see”

Diego Stocco – Huge Coffee from Diego Stocco on Vimeo. Diego Stocco is an Italian Foley Artist and  Sound Designer who has a passion for recording  and has a series of short films on You Tube which are extremely enjoyable. The videos range from eerie to frighting to joyful and take you somewhere in the depths […]