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The politics of hold music

We’ve got a new phone system at Calrec Castle and we’re very happy with it; every phone call gets answered and it does lots of fancy call-forwarding type things. But it was such a cost-effective system, it didn’t even come with hold music. In casual conversation about our lack of suitable phone fluff, Calrec’s Technical Director Patrick Warrington […]

Auro 3D: we take a trip to Wilfried’s Galaxy

In this YouTube video by AV Forums, Auro 3D inventor and CEO Wilfried Van Baelen (pictured) takes us on a tour of his Galaxy Studio complex and explains the advantages of the new immersive surround sound format. Wilfried chose music as his path from an early age, and in his teens converted a chicken shed […]

CSU graduates throw SND at us on Kickstarter

The Sand Noise Device (SND) is a new Kickstarter project with a $16,000 target started four graduate students from California State University, East Bay; James Saxon, Jay Van Dyke, Matt Roads, and Devin Dominguez (seen below), AKA The Green Cat Collective. The describe SND as “both a complex generative music system as well as a […]

Play with your music again – FREE course

Following a very successful first outing last year, (PWYM) is about to embark on a second term of its popular – and free – online music production courses, And this time with celebrity backing from Peter Gabriel and a host of other clever and creative folk. The courses are collaborative, project-based sessions where the students and […]

Alex Allmont uses Lego to Play House

A great video I spotted on to start the week. Full-time programmer Alex Allmont is doing a Ph.D. in polyrhythmic music in his spare time. He also loves his Lego. Put all three together and you get an amazingly complex music making machine he calls Play House that was built for AudioGraft, an experimental […]