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From Indoor to Here

Yorkshire has a very fine local sporting heritage; some top class darting action, dominoes, table skittles, shove ha’penny, maybe some cribbage if one is feeling continental. Most of these games made their televised debut in the late, lamented Indoor League, hosted by professional Yorkshireman Fred Trueman. This show ran for five years in the 1970′s, and […]

Another Night at the Opera…

Back in August we wrote about our involvement in a major live television event in Austria. You may recall Calrec supplied the audio console that handled surround-sound routing for a full-scale, live-to-air production of Mozart’s opera “The Abduction From the Seraglio” in two hangars at Salzburg Airport. It was an event that the host broadcaster […]

In 2014 F1 may not be music to fans’ ears

Thanks to much smaller, more efficient and more frugal 1.6 litre engines, the 2014 F1 season is going to sound a lot different. To get an idea of how different, pop on a pair of headphones and listen to the engine tone of the super- efficient, highly-tuned turbo-charged 15,000 rpm V6 engine that Mercedes will […]

Volley good show! Calrec at Wimbledon

What a racket! Wimbledon , the oldest tennis tournament in the world, has always been a massive OB undertaking, with thousands of hours of tennis-fuelled grunting broadcast to countries all over the world. This year has coverage in 3D, HD, and on more courts than ever before. British outside broadcast (OB) specialists NEP Visions are old […]

Sport the difference

OK, I wasn’t going to make any further links about the Olympics but when I stumbled across this one on npr website I thought it would be a crime not to bring your attention to it. It’s a little audio comparison between days gone by and Beijing 2008. It’s certainly an eye-opener (or ear opener) when […]