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Dave Grohl gets in an 8028 state

Dave Grohl’s excellent 2 hour documentary Sound City about the legendary LA recording studio of the same name is packed with famous names and faces, including Tom Petty, Josh Hoome of Queens Of The Stone Age, Mick Fleetwood, Rick Rubin, Butch Vig … and Rupert Neve. The centrepiece of the studio, which closed in 2011, […]

Recording ‘the sound of the Earth’

With Gravity, filmmaker Alfonso Cuarôn has ably demonstrated to us the soundlessness of space. In the video clip above, Dutch artist Lotte Geeven shows us that, as you get closer to its core, the Earth is far from silent. She and a team of seismologists, geophysicists and audio specialists captured the audio at the bottom […]

Mic’ing your mind up for acoustic recordings

In a recent post on the site, contributor Simon Allen took a look at the art of creative microphone placement. His article was neither an intro nor a lecture, more of a tips & tricks insight into how a professional working in the area of live music recording does his thing. Simon leads with […]

Keep taking the tablets, audio pro’s

The pro audio market is beginning to really embrace apps for tablets and smartphones. I myself have a Røde iXy stereo mic that produces excellent results when attached to my iPhone or iPad, and Calrec has recently announced its Soccer Sidekick Mixing Tool. Tape By Focusrite is a 2-track recording app for the iPad with […]

Production sound mixing and Parenthood

Nicholas Allen C.A.S. is a production sound mixer for film and TV with an audio production, mixing and music background. He worked as a boom operator on many well-known productions, including Terminator 2: Judgement Day, True Lies, Galaxy Quest and Michale Mann’s The Insider, before moving into production mixing. His credits include The West Wing, […]