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Meshing or Stacking? Changing TV habits

Just after IBC, the IEEE Spectrum website ran a story on second screen use and how our consumption of television is changing. This is something we’ve written about before, and it turns out we really are multitasking more and more. This story was based on some pretty interesting research by Ofcom, the independent regulator for the […]

Variations on a theme

Ten years ago, if you’d have told us that we would be creating a Google Chrome browser theme just for fun, and that nearly 4,000 people would be using it daily to browse the web, and that one of those people would be blogging that it was one of his absolute favouritest audio and music […]

Collect the free tokens….

In the beginning there were cereal packets. And on those cereal packets were tokens for you to collect. The tokens could be sent off and exchanged for magical treasures, the stuff dreams were made of. You usually had to wait up to 28 days anticipating its arrival, checking the post every day. Then you would […]

audiofarm: your online audio resource

audiofarm is an interesting online resource that allows anybody to upload, publish (or broadcast) and share audio files with other people on the internet. It looks like an interesting new place to put store and publicise podcasts and music files and promote CDs or upcoming live concerts. There are charts, ‘most liked’, ‘most played’, and […]

Please don’t spoil it!

Don’t you just hate it when you’re listening to someone emphatically describe a film or TV programme they have thoroughly enjoyed and then they utter those fateful words “…and at the end…” Whoa there! Please don’t spoil what could be an enjoyable entertainment experience for me and many others who have yet to find the […]