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From Indoor to Here

Yorkshire has a very fine local sporting heritage; some top class darting action, dominoes, table skittles, shove ha’penny, maybe some cribbage if one is feeling continental. Most of these games made their televised debut in the late, lamented Indoor League, hosted by professional Yorkshireman Fred Trueman. This show ran for five years in the 1970′s, and […]

New F1 hybrid power units too quiet for TV?

Speaking to Sky Sports after the race, F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone declared himself “horrified” by the weedy sound his sport made at the season’s opener on Sunday in Melbourne. Fans, F1 watchers and former drivers have also contributed to the discussion, with some even suggesting they artificially recreate engine noise to bring back the excitement. […]

Salford sports stadium seeks superior sound

Photograph courtesy of Kyle Jackson. Earlier this year, Manchester United commissioned an acoustic engineering firm to produce a report showing why the fans inside Old Trafford don’t produce much more noise. Roy Keane and I, amongst others, could put them straight on this for the price of a meat pie and a cup of […]

Volley good show! Calrec at Wimbledon

What a racket! Wimbledon , the oldest tennis tournament in the world, has always been a massive OB undertaking, with thousands of hours of tennis-fuelled grunting broadcast to countries all over the world. This year has coverage in 3D, HD, and on more courts than ever before. British outside broadcast (OB) specialists NEP Visions are old […]

BBC’s Championship Playoff Final listening experiment

If, as I am, you are watching the Crystal Palace v Watford Championship Playoff Final on Sky Sports, or listening on BBC 5 Live, take a moment to try out an interesting football experiment BBC R&D is conducting on the 5 Live website. Fans of each team can follow the game from the perspective of […]