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Appy now? Genelec get with iTunes

We have some very old Genelec 1029s which we use in our desk test department. They have been through the wars a bit; they’ve been shipped around in flight cases, dropped down a few flights of  stone steps and thrown in the back of vans. I think they were left out all night in the […]

This chap certainly doesn’t have a wife…

Following on from my post on The Wife Factor where I opined on the eternal struggle between Audiophile & Domestic bliss, I’m happy to report that  I have not had to consider a wife upgrade at all (but thanks for that particular comment!) For a brief while (when I had sufficient funds and spent more time […]

Aha and the art of shooting live 3D concerts

Berlin’s Aha International Media and subsidiary Aha Edit & Post are quickly establishing themselves as pioneers in the field of shooting and editing stereoscopic 3D live concerts. Aha’s latest project, recorded at the Recording Hall of the Berlin „Funkhaus“ involved classical musicians the Fauré Quartet and an unplugged set by German rock stars Luxuslärm. They […]

Psychoacoustics. And Haircuts.

Hands up who needs a haircut? Many of you may have already stumbled upon the virtual barber and his virtual haircut – this particular version has had well over a million hits. This magnificent example of binaural recording is one of the better demonstrations of psychoacoustics. Plus it is particularly amusing watching the reactions of […]

IBC 2010 devotes a day to stereo 3D sport

We’ve already covered Sky’s 3D coverage of a darts tournament in Blackpool. Sony Pictures is planning to release a film of the FIFA Word Cup in stereo 3D on Blu-ray disc. Basketball, rugby union, ice hockey and boxing are all sports that have had the stereo 3D wand waved over them in the past couple […]