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Surround sound in the rain coming soon

UK members of the Community would probably have welcomed hearing about The Anywhere Umbrella a few weeks ago when the weather was as inclement as we have ever known in this country. But, in fact, this isn’t an umbrella at all, but an elaborate multi-speaker umbrella-shaped portable sound system. It’s still only a concept, and, […]

Dolby’s global role in Oscars TV coverage

For the past 12 years, Dolby has played a key role in the Academy Awards ceremony. In this blog post, we get a an idea of what happens behind the scenes, from Director of Content Services Steve Venezia. In the infographic shown below, we learn how they help a global TV audience of 1 billion […]

2014 Best Sound BAFTA goes to ‘Gravity’

Glenn Freemantle and the rest of the Gravity sound team, Skip Lievsay, Christopher Benstead, Niv Adiri and Chris Munro, receive the BAFTA Award for Best Sound at the Royal Opera House on Sunday evening, and talk to the BBC’s Zöe Ball backstage about working on the film.  

Music in surround: do we really care?

In his latest post, CNET columnist Steve Guttenberg looks at the demise of true surround in the home as consumers opt for multi-speaker sound bars instead of multi-speaker home theatre sound systems. He puts it down to the lack of real consumer interest over the decades in Quadraphonic, DTS 5.1 surround CDs, SACD and DVD-A […]

Quattroporte drivers surrounded by sound

Ads for luxury cars and top-end audio systems are often baffling and a little bit pointless, and this is no exception, but there’s no denying the Maserati Quattroporte is a beautiful-looking (and beautiful-sounding) car, and the driving experience is, I am sure, only improved by the presence of some expensive Bowers & Wilkins surround audio […]