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Calrec Celebrates Biggest Ever Sale

We don’t often bang on about ourselves on this site, but today we will make an exception. Recently Calrec made its biggest ever single sale, a consignment of 14 consoles to South Korean broadcaster MBC. MBC purchased a variety of consoles, from a 64 fader Apollo to a 24 fader Artemis Light, to be used […]

From Indoor to Here

Yorkshire has a very fine local sporting heritage; some top class darting action, dominoes, table skittles, shove ha’penny, maybe some cribbage if one is feeling continental. Most of these games made their televised debut in the late, lamented Indoor League, hosted by professional Yorkshireman Fred Trueman. This show ran for five years in the 1970′s, and […]

New F1 hybrid power units too quiet for TV?

Speaking to Sky Sports after the race, F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone declared himself “horrified” by the weedy sound his sport made at the season’s opener on Sunday in Melbourne. Fans, F1 watchers and former drivers have also contributed to the discussion, with some even suggesting they artificially recreate engine noise to bring back the excitement. […]

Meshing or Stacking? Changing TV habits

Just after IBC, the IEEE Spectrum website ran a story on second screen use and how our consumption of television is changing. This is something we’ve written about before, and it turns out we really are multitasking more and more. This story was based on some pretty interesting research by Ofcom, the independent regulator for the […]

A Night at the Opera

  Born in Salzburg, Mozart pegged it to Vienna in his mid-twenties, so it is fitting that a live-broadcast of Mozart’s Die Entführung aus dem Serail, designed exclusively for TV and primed for live broadcast next week, should be produced from Hangar 7 at Salzburg Airport. Part of this year’s Salzburg festival, this amazing live […]