The Loudness Summit 2012

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One hundred and fifty audio and broadcast professionals attended the first ever Loudness Summit in London last year. This year’s event takes place on 7th December at the Royal Institute of British Architects in Portland Place, London and once again they have gathered together a number of heavy hitters from European broadcasting.

Kicking the event off is Florian Camerer of PLOUD and the EBU, who is no stranger to these events (his opening address from the 2011 event is above), and the day features many of the great and the good from the industry – people like Simon Tuff, (Principal Technologist with the BBC), Tim Carroll (President and Founder of Linear Acoustic) and Thomas Lund (HD Development Manager at TC Electronic A/S.)

The programme is varied and covers topics like Metadata and the relative merits of different standards, with discussions on thorny issues like how to control loudness in multi-platform, multi-device environments (taking place a 1.15pm with Mark Pascoe from Dolby under the topic heading of “Loudness in a Multiplicitous World.”  I’ve looked it up, and multiplicitous is a word you don’t get to use very often. Worth attending for that reason alone.)

In fact, there’s so much squeezed into the day, here’s the official rundown:

  • Loudness normalisation: misunderstandings, dangers, pitfalls:
  • Different standards: R 128, A/85, etc. are they different? Are they the same? What are the differences? What are the pros and cons?
  • Current status of loudness implementations in Europe, lessons, experiences
  • Loudness normalisation in Radio: the next step – differences to TV, analog vs. digital, pop vs. classic
  • Loudness normalisation for music: the loudness war in its purest form; strategies, steps taken, iTunes/iCloud, sptoify, GoogleMusic etc.
  • File-based solutions, workflows
  • Loudness work in live productions like sports; case studies, experiences, Upmix, Downmix
  • The M-word (Metadata): things to be aware of
  • Loudness in distribution: the safety net
  • Loudness at the consumer’s end: we’ve done everything right, why is it still wrong?
  • Broadcaster Case Study

And don’t forget multiplicity!

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