The Wife Factor

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Here is the problem. I’ve relocated to California and have managed to get over the pain of having transformers for the 110V to 240V conversion I need to run most of my stuff. However, now I have run into the age-old problem that I refer to as the Wife Factor.

I have moved into a new apartment and have set up my TV and my Blu-Ray player. I have placed my Left and Right speakers, with my centre speaker just under the TV. But the surround speakers are causing all kinds of problems.

You see, I have been lucky in that the last few places I have lived I have had relatively easy cable runs. Running along the skirting boards or tucking under the carpet have all been straightforward. Until now. To be frank, in the new apartment the neat cable runs are almost 25m/60ft per speaker!!

As a person more interested in how something sounds than how it looks, I’d be happy to run the cables across the carpet and gaffer tape it down.

It is at this point the Wife Factor kicks in, or more appropriately, kicks me!

Now I know you are all thinking that I should have run the cables under the carpet, or better still under the floor boards. I can’t do this for two reasons: firstly, it is rented and all the furniture is already in place, and secondly the mere suggestion of moving all the furniture around to run two cables is met with a rather stern look.

But hang on, it’s 2010, surely there must be a simple wireless transceiver thingy to send the signals to the rear speaker? Not so. I have trawled the net but can’t find what I need. My amp (which I like) doesn’t have line level outputs for surround legs and my rears are not active. So, basically now I need a new amp, new rear speakers and some sort of wireless transceiver (which I can’t find)!

I have seen a couple of wireless speaker systems by consumer manufacturers but they sound terrible next to my system.

So here is the question: How practical is 5.1 in the modern home? I’m curious as to how many of us audiophiles have actually bothered with it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of surround and I think if it is set up well it really sucks you into the movie or the game you watch. I love it and I am still considering ways to solve the problem, but surely if an audio geek like me is considering abandoning the rears, then what do consumers do?

Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated!

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  1. Nick Hughes says:

    Some would suggest that a true audiophile would be seriously considering some kind of wife upgrade….

  2. Tim Watson says:

    I’ve already abandoned the sub as it’s not child friendly. Fed up removing toys from inside and the kids tend to wake up when their windows rattle.

  3. Coos says:

    Is your problem solved already? Otherwise JBL has Control 1′s made wireless so maybe not the best sounding speakers but for their size . . . . rather wll for surround as well !! Kind regards Coos

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