Transforming sounds into visual art

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Born Of Sound, which was launched in March by San Francisco-based husband and wife team Ashik and Jenelle Mohan, “builds visual snapshots of the way sounds travel through air”, as Wired’s Victoria Turk neatly puts it.

While both musicians, Ashik has a background in biomedical engineering. The couple have developed custom software to simulate the physics of particles in the atmosphere. This virtual space reacts to the changing volume and pitch of a piece of audio and creates an image that represents the sound’s movement, depicted as a shifting mist — a “sound-form”.

On their own website, Ashik and Janelle introduce the concept themselves like this:

“A sound form makes the audible viable.

Mechanical vibrations, which our ears translate as sound, travel through various mediums, (such as air), We hear these vibrations, but don’t normally see them.

A sound-form depicts any sound you can record as it would appear in real life (if you could see it), travelling through the medium of air, interacting with the atmosphere around you.

Picture your exhale on a cold morning. It’s movement – and that’s how a sound-form looks.

It is the physical embodiment of your sound.”

At the moment, the images are created via the Born Of Sound website, but, in case you were wondering, yes, there will be an app for this by the end of the year …


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