What are the 10 biggest lies told in audio?

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This article by The Audio Critic is more than 10 years old now, but it all appears to hold true. In the article, our author highlights some of the myths, untruths and bare-faced lies that are told by people who should know better and purport to promote audio excellence and the best in sound reproduction. Read the article for yourself for the full spleen venting. Here, we’ll just give you the Top 10 and a few words on each:

  1. The Cable Lie: that you have to buy hideously expensive cables if you want good sound
  2. The Vacuum Tube Lie: that they’re superior to transistors in high-end applications
  3. The Anti-digital Lie: that digital audio is vastly inferior to analogue audio
  4. The Listening-Test Lie: that it’s more than a 50 / 50 chance of guessing that A or B = X
  5. The Feedback Lie: that negative feedback is BAD, no feedback is GOOD
  6. The Burn-In Lie: that cables and components sound better after they’ve had time to ‘burn in’
  7. The Bi-Wiring Lie: that pairs of speaker terminals are for bi-wiring as well as bi-amping
  8. The Power Conditioner Lie: that high-end amps shouldn’t be plugged directly into the mains
  9. The CD Treatment Lie: that treating the surface of CDs with special liquids improves the sound
  10. The Golden Ear Lie: that some people hear so well they detect things us mere mortals cannot

How heartily do you agree – or disagree – with The Audio Critic on any or all of these points?

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  1. What about the lie that you can ‘correct’ your monitoring setup with an EQ set on the master out? It won’t stop the room ringing on after the sound leaves the speakers.

  2. Jim Green says:

    …and for number 11: “It’s fine leaving me”

  3. Simon Carter says:

    Here’s one for the live industry:

    “That awful humming noise coming from the PA is being caused by the lighting rig”.

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